Thursday, 28 February 2013

Si toma no maneje

Jau! Jefe indio saludar hermanos en lengua madre. Vaya, que toca cambiar a castellano por un día. ¿Y eso por qué? Pues porque me da la gana, básicamente. Y también porque esto es difícil de explicar en inglés. La combinación de ambas es como el Kinder Bueno, perfecta (y pensar que no lo conocen en América...)

¿Qué he de explicar? Bueno, el título de la entrada habla por sí solo. Y es que este último par de meses he tenido la oportunidad de conocer un poco más de México, particularmente de sus carreteras. Y como siempre que los españoles hablamos con gente de otros países latinoamericanos, es muy divertido constatar nuestras diferencias en el uso de la lengua. Porque si tú eres español, y de repente te encuentras con...

Si toma no maneje
habrás de admitir que como poco, una sonrisa se te escapará. La sutilidad que tiene el "si toma no maneje" a mí me resulta quasi-cómica... ¡y sin embargo pensar que millones de personas lo verán como lo normal! Vete tú a saber qué pensarán del "si bebes no conduzcas" de por estos lares...

Pero es que... es que... pero es que...

¡¡¡Pero es que cada señal es menos sutil que la anterior!!!

Esta también desarrolla las aptitudes matemático-lógicas
Que dí tú que esta campaña me parece menos hardcore que las que nos hace la DGT por aquí. Efectivas, por otra parte. Y claro que vete tú a saber las campañas que se hacen por ahí, a lo mejor también son equiparables. O no... I don't know! Leave me alone!

De hecho estoy aprendiendo un puñado de cosas curiosas acerca de cómo llevan las carreteras por esas tierras. Y que la verdad son... raras. Venga va, que sé que queréis una al menos. Así pues, os iluminaré con un Ejemplo Ilustrativo: el otro día veía cómo un animal muerto en el arcén, en vez de coger y llevárselo al sitio de turno donde se hagan cargo del cuerpo... cogían y lo enterraban al lado de la carretera. ¿Qué? ¿Pero por qué? ¿En qué clase de mente...? Hum, veamos. Damas y caballeros, permítanme hacer un proceso lógico-inductivo equivalente al de la señal de arriba (la matemático-lógica no la gore)

Animal muerto enterrado al lado de la carretera -> Atrae carroñeros al lado de la carretera -> Como por la carretera siguen circulando coches, otros animales pueden morir -> animal muerto-> se le entierra al lado de la carretera -> atrea carroñeros al lado de la carretera -> [...] -> cementerio más grande del mundo/genocidio.


Y a todo esto con una foto de un señor sonriente con su pala sobre el agujero que había ya cubierto haha.

Y como si no puedes mejorar el silencio no digas nada, y yo ya he empezado a desbarrar y he dicho todo lo que tengo que decir, os invito a reflexionar sobre estas últimas líneas. Porque hay mucho de lo que reflexionar ahí, sí sí.

Monday, 25 February 2013

902 phone number - or how to make profit when (just Iberia?) strikes happen

When last year I was in Sweden, I received a very pleasant e-mail reporting me that my flight back to Spain was going to minimally change its timetable. They kindly told me I had to phone to one 1.X€/min phone number to confirm my slightly modified reservation... Well, I'm lying, I must confess. What they actually told me was:
Please, you kindly have to phone to one 1.X€/min phone number to confirm your slightly modified reservation. 
You all most likely know how this works, unfortunately. So one month after receiving this e-mail I had to phone this kind phone number just to accept this small change. And the phone call lasted for 10 minutes. Therefore, 10 €... minutes later, I had confirmed my roughly modified flight. I was soooo happy. Nah. And who were those kind bastards? Vueling, a subsidiary of Iberia.


Funnily, next week I'll be traveling to Paris, and a very kind friend as well (you see? I can write "kind" without italics!!!) He's flying with Vueling. I don't know if you know that Iberia is trying to fire something like a lot of their employees, besides some other problems they have I don't really remember/don't want to remember. The things are that well, there will be several strikes in the coming weeks, and today my kind friend received you know, one of those very pleasant e-mails eheminforminghimehem about the strike (with broken links. What did you expect? I said eheminfo). So, such a huge amount of eheminfo was too much for him to stand it, and therefore he phoned them to inform himself what will happen with the flights. To a 902 phone number.

A small pause here. In Spain a 902 phone number is one of these kind phones we were talking about before: you know, the  1.X€/min phones.

So. Let's recap. We left my kind friend phoning the kind phone, remember? Well, so I will literally paste his answer to my succinct question: "Was it a 902?"
" 'Evidentment' (obviously)... I needed to call two times today."
And he got nothing at all. Stop! David, you're lying one more time. He DID got something.
" [...] they told me that the list with the canceled flights would be published tomorrow (Tuesday 26th) by the unions and Vueling.
It means that tomorrow I will phone again but I think it will be fine!"
Dear kind friend, I admire your positivism but DO NOT phone them tomorrow!!! Or if you're BRAVE enough, have a nice day!

To be continued... ?

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Lovin' good commercials

When this morning I woke up and saw the match of my city team, CAI Zaragoza, they showed one of those videos which are extremely well thought advertising campaigns. I couldn't help but share this video. You will understand why as soon as you watch it. Enjoy!

Thursday, 21 February 2013


I don't really know if you're quite tuned about astronomy. I am definitely just a bit, so I was curious when today appeared this news about the appearance of a huge sunspot on the Sun.

Well, I'm not gonna give you a tedious explanation about it, you probably can find it elsewhere, if you want (and you probably don't).  But I just wanted to show you a very cool video (15 sec). I don't know if you know that the Sun has not magnetic poles as such, instead its magnetic field is changing with a period of 11 years. And see? Now you do know. The video essentially shows the evolution of the magnetic field along one of these periods. When I saw it for the first time in the IntroAstro course I took, I was quite amazed about it.

It made me kind of understand why the auroras occur with more intensity every 11 years, it was a kind of "click" here in my head. So, I hope you enjoyed it!! (I really like astronomy curiosities, you know?)

"Discovered black hole 450 millions times bigger than the Sun" - "El Pais" newspaper heading. (*They actually meant 450 million times more massive)

A new hope

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
... there was a blog, Palabra de dos. Three 
happy authors wrote there their contingencies and 
most crazy troubling issues which affected them...

All of a sudden, the evil power of the University
corrupted them and turned the blog in a dessert.

But, there's always hope.

WORD OF CHU actually extremely awkward translation of "Palabra de dos" ("Word of two", quite close to "Palabra de Dios", which stands for "Word of God". We were at least two authors though.) where the "Chu" is just the pronunciation of "two" as it would've been written literally in Spanish. Word of chu. Sounds pretty good, huh?

And this is my new "project". An English-Spanish blog, and perhaps on the way some other languages (although today I can't promise anything. Please forgive me these doubts, today in my French exam I literally asked for a "swimming pool court" booking hehe)

The topics of this? A little of everything but nothing at all blog. Exactly as I did with "Palabra de dos", although the additional quality my friends gave with their entries at that blog I'll try do it here on my own. Or not on my own (or not quality, most likely), who knows tuturú.

Aaaand... that's all folks! I guess I'll finish this amazing first entry with my today's song: "Cough syrup"

So, please be very welcome! (o-oh)

-- Word of chu staff --  (== the actual me, I know)

Life's too short to even care at all, o-oh