Monday, 25 February 2013

902 phone number - or how to make profit when (just Iberia?) strikes happen

When last year I was in Sweden, I received a very pleasant e-mail reporting me that my flight back to Spain was going to minimally change its timetable. They kindly told me I had to phone to one 1.X€/min phone number to confirm my slightly modified reservation... Well, I'm lying, I must confess. What they actually told me was:
Please, you kindly have to phone to one 1.X€/min phone number to confirm your slightly modified reservation. 
You all most likely know how this works, unfortunately. So one month after receiving this e-mail I had to phone this kind phone number just to accept this small change. And the phone call lasted for 10 minutes. Therefore, 10 €... minutes later, I had confirmed my roughly modified flight. I was soooo happy. Nah. And who were those kind bastards? Vueling, a subsidiary of Iberia.


Funnily, next week I'll be traveling to Paris, and a very kind friend as well (you see? I can write "kind" without italics!!!) He's flying with Vueling. I don't know if you know that Iberia is trying to fire something like a lot of their employees, besides some other problems they have I don't really remember/don't want to remember. The things are that well, there will be several strikes in the coming weeks, and today my kind friend received you know, one of those very pleasant e-mails eheminforminghimehem about the strike (with broken links. What did you expect? I said eheminfo). So, such a huge amount of eheminfo was too much for him to stand it, and therefore he phoned them to inform himself what will happen with the flights. To a 902 phone number.

A small pause here. In Spain a 902 phone number is one of these kind phones we were talking about before: you know, the  1.X€/min phones.

So. Let's recap. We left my kind friend phoning the kind phone, remember? Well, so I will literally paste his answer to my succinct question: "Was it a 902?"
" 'Evidentment' (obviously)... I needed to call two times today."
And he got nothing at all. Stop! David, you're lying one more time. He DID got something.
" [...] they told me that the list with the canceled flights would be published tomorrow (Tuesday 26th) by the unions and Vueling.
It means that tomorrow I will phone again but I think it will be fine!"
Dear kind friend, I admire your positivism but DO NOT phone them tomorrow!!! Or if you're BRAVE enough, have a nice day!

To be continued... ?

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