Thursday, 27 June 2013

Comprehending the utility of white curtains

And I will explain myself.

What I feel like a quite stupid habit in Europe is not having blinds at all in the rooms of any building. I mean: in summer blinds do not disturb in any way (you just put them up and done), and while you sleep they help to make your room darker. Since in summer there are more hours of light but sleeping is not a very illuminated job, it kind of makes sense to me having blinds to darken your room. Doesn't it?

"Oh, but we have curtains to avoid the light to come in"

Hmm, I don't really know what to answer to that. Because what I'm experiencing is that a very common thing is that curtains in rooms are white, and I can say that I'm quite aware of the utility of white curtains: none. Why do I say this in such a radical way? Simple reason: because when I arrived last year to Sweden, I was waking up at 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 o'clock in the morning just because the curtains did not avoid at all the entrance of light in the room. Therefore finally I went to Ikea (the independent republic, you know) and bought one curtain with one of the darkest tones I found. Every night I unfolded such a curtain and put it over the white curtain I had. Then in the morning, I folded it back again and... done!

My Swedish room, one random morning. With the dark blue curtain still protecting me from the evil light. And a cool Swedish flag, just in case you didn't realize about it.
 Now I'm back in Spain, living in a city as Barcelona. And I have blinds, yes. Which do not work very well, there are some spots where the light can come in. So I have to use the curtain too. And guys, guess which kind of curtains I have to use.

White white, pure white. Peeeeace!
You were brilliantly right! How the hell can this be understood? What should I do now?

Very deep dilemmas haha. I'll try to take a piece of advice from my bed. If the white curtain lets me sleep, of course.

*It's not that I don't like light, on the contrary! But what it's true is that I like darkness when it comes to sleeping.

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