Friday, 20 September 2013

Thought of the week (V): About names (II)

Easy question: in order to be president of the U.S., must one have a stupid name when you come to think about it?

I was talking with... someone, definitely, about when I discovered that "Dick" Cheney was a name (I told you guys here) when... this someone pointed out something I didn't think about:

BILL Clinton.

Hum... is a good thought, isn't it?

George BUSH

The freak is this?

Well, let me say that in Spain right now is very famous Ana Botella, Anne Bottle when I talk to friends (in Spanish)

The whole speech sucks sooo much that has been trending topic in Spain for days!! Amazing, huh? Anyway,  the best part of the speech (and the TT) has definitely been the "having a relaxing cup of café con leche in Plaza Mayor" (1:40 in the video). Actually I already showed you that part in the previous post. There are many many jokes about it... but well, I guess I will do a reference to the previous post in this blog, and put you a whole bunch of Spanish expressions LITERALLY translated into English. LITERALLY. Please, don't forget it:

So what's the conclusion I come up with? Well, that I guess I won't care so much about names from now on. Do you do?

By the way, even if you don't care and it's not like I enjoy talking about myself here, I feel like I must say that I've been admitted to the Swedish B2.2 level here in Barcelona, which is more than I actually expected (and actually more than what I was said). I'm so happy! So guess, I'll try to recover a little bit my level in that beautiful language. Now it's time to find a French teacher!

Why do I tell you this? Do you actually care? It's not like I say many people... hum, nearly anyone that I write this blog, I just do it to have fun and learn. It's not like I like telling you my life here either (for instance I don't talk about the nice bike excursion I will do next we... oh, shit!) Nah, you understand. But if you somehow read me... Well, then just look forward to seeing some posts in any of these languages now! haha. As a very good friend of mines says: this is great.

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