Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Falete, Splash and Spanish folklore

Yes yes, I know. This TV show I'm gonna talk about also exists in other countries. A show where famous... proto-famous people, better said... have to jump from the diving board. Yes, really, I know, it does exist.

But in other countries, there is not a person such as Falete. Falete is... well, a person of undetermined sexuality (just play the video I attach for a few secs guys) and one of the maximum exponents of the Spanish folklore that embarrasses me so much, although Falete at least seems to be nice. Seriously, just play the video below for a short while.

And you Spaniards reading me, don't you agree this is amazing? Incredible, the must-see TV event of the last months! At least is the feeling I've had speaking with some of you lately. And I couldn't agree more.

So. I was actually gonna say "Enjoy it!", but I guess it's more accurate to say "Enjoy it?" (the "jump", by the way, it's at 3:30)

Cool, huh? Nah, I will show you some other typical stuff from here. At least you will be able to have fun on us hehe.

Be happy!

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