Saturday, 30 March 2013

3:20 am: How things shouldn't be done (aka how things are done in Spain)

This post is set to be published at 3:20 am, on Saturday while I'm in Tarragona (where I don't have Internet access). That is, people, I can'T control whatever is going on here! But doing this makes kind of sense, just to understand what I was done last week.  It's a vindicatory hour. So I'm guessing, I should provide you with some context, don't you agree? (Not accepting "no, I'm not interested at all David. Shut up" as an answer, sorry. I can't listen to you. Remember, I'm in Tarragona, happy without Internet!!!)

Ok, before I get completely crazy lalala. Beyond my usual limit I mean. I have to talk today about my personal life, hope you enjoy it a little bit. So, three weeks ago or so, I attended to a meeting where they explained what the Mars Spanish Mission 0 is, (there is a translate select below in the page at right) and they were asking for volunteers to join them. Keen on astronomy, and with the knowledge and permission of my boss in the internship I'm doing, I applied, since I thought the topic was very cool and might let me vary for a while and work in astronomy related with telecom's.

What do they wanna do? There will be a simulation mission, the Mars Spanish Mission 1 (MSM1), which will simulate some experiments which might take place in Mars when they send a manned mission over there (aka never). Mars Spanish Mission 0 (MSM0) is kind of an "informal" preparation for the MSM1. And what they needed were people for different teams which will work in different areas.

Monegros desert, Saragossa province. Here is were they wanna make the experiments I told you. Actually it's a very nice desert... and it was a forest 2000 years ago (supposedly)
If you are interested in astronomy (as I am), sounds cool huh? So, as I was very interested, I applied and I said I had preference in some groups which had to do with telecom's. They were supposed to answer back and say something on Wed March 20th, as people needed to start doing things the week of the 25th -> 31st. I didn't receive anything, it was alright. But then, on March 26th, at 3:20am (?), I received an e-mail offering me a position supposedly not related with my professional field (??) (telecommunications). And I HAD to answer before 12:00 am of... March, 26th. (???????????????) WHAT? You crazy guys, is that even serious?!?!?!? What if I didn't check the e-mail? Or what? No need to mention the delay from March 20th to the 26th... (but here I wanna think I was kind of the third or fourth choice and when people said no they asked me)

To make a long story short ("David, can you do that? No, you kidding"), I read the e-mail at 11:30 am and  I even didn't answer (although I thought about it until the night). And lucky them (and me?) that I didn't answer, because I'm guessing I could have been very mean in the answer (don't worry, normally I'm just annoying) More than mean, kind of sarcastic if I know myself properly haha. Whatever.

So, this is one example of how things may be done here. 3:20am to be answered at 12am with a delay of 6 days for a position you didn't say you wanted to do. Brilliant, an applause please. I might be repeating myself, but the fact is that I still don't get it, nor some of my friends, sorry. Does it make sense?

Nah. I guess someday I'll speak of the "Vuelva usted mañana" (Please, come back tomorrow) or about the few times I got angry last year in Sweden (guess? Ye, all of them had to do with happy Spaniards)

And I wanna finish with this: I wish you the best of the lucks MSM0 guys (but, with me, you were not professional at all, and I'm really sorry about that)

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