Thursday, 28 March 2013

Thought of the week (II) : 'händerna mot himlen' and planes

This year I'm kind of following Swedish music and Swedish hits from here, which is kind of hard and from time to time a bit misleading too. Whatever. I actually love one of them (among others), "händerna mot himlen", by Petra Marklund. The translation of the title would be something like "The hands towards the sky". And I really like the song, particularly when the chorus arrives it makes me feel well (actually if you know the lyrics, the chorus is the actual positive part of the song). Well, in fact the chorus doesn't say hands towards the sky but something slightly different, but who cares lalala.  Here you are, the song:

And the thought? It came to my mind when I was in the plane to Paris, and actually they were two thoughts:

- If you are in a plane and you have to raise your hands towards the sky, where the hell do you point them? Towards the floor of the plane? Maybe above your head? Just in front of you? Or where?

- I think this song is somehow positive and it actually makes me feel well. But in a plane, provided the first thought I had, is it optimistical or actually a quite depressive song? If you have to point towards the floor, that's not quite a good sign, isn't it?

Very hard reflexions I had to deal with, as you see. Hopefully someone can help me. It'd be very appreciated.

/David, thinking hard since 1989

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