Friday, 22 March 2013

Good music

Listen please, listen!

As you have just been able to check, this post title, a day as today, has a good reason. It is because this is music I'm showing to you! (obviously)

Haha, just kidding, just kidding. The actual reason is because lately I'm having an extremely... bizarre? Ye, I guess this is a good word. An extremely bizarre taste with music. Better said, a funny-although-hard-to-understand musical sense of humour (and whoever who does not dare to understand me does not deserve my attention!) (forget this kind of schizophrenic attacks, ok? Thanks a lot!)

Truth to be said, I''ve always have had a peculiar affection towards some kinds of awkward music and lyrics, although it had been a long time that it didn't come to me as strongly as it's happening now. Therefore, just to vary a little bit of this funny-although-blablabla music, I'll show you a group I've discovered this morning while listening to the radio which I really liked. It is a Catalan group, and they sing in catalan. After listening to some of their songs, I can affirm that I do like them. And they are good.

Actually, there are many Catalan groups I enjoy a lot*... and that I consider they really are good. Good in the sense that they should not be felt as bizarre, you know what I mean hehe. I'll show you some of them, some day... (e.g. you should check "Manel")

In the meanwhile, I'll leave you with other song: "Bicicletes" (bikes)

* I always say that I'm a guy of songs rather than bands. Although I must admit that there are some groups I've listened to more of their songs.

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