Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Folding helmets!

Yei, good idea isn't it?

Two weeks ago I had a group dynamic (or whatever it is said in English) for a job selection process. When I asked Saúl, one of my very beloved friends, what you're asked to do in this processes, he told me that one of the few things you can actually "prepare" is to bring a commercial idea and be able to defend it in front of the others. I guess it has more to do with what he studied, but well, it was not so hard so I just thought something. What? Keep on reading, keep on.

Two weeks ago as well, there was some kind of "polemic" here with a new law to be argued in Spain (Although I felt it was more a "let's say this and let's see how people react"). This law would aim to enforce cyclists to carry a helmet on their head. Obviously, there was a strong opposition from many groups, since this would definitely decrease the number of users who take the bike.

Not, if they use a folding helmet! Muahaha, I had my brilliant idea for the group dynamic (actually I had another two very cool ones, less eccentric though) So, I dove in the Internet. And I found them!

One of the kind of foldings I've found

And this is the second common type of folding I've seen. Way worse than the first one, isn't it?

Not quite practical though... they're still too big when folded, I think. But, this is definitely a very cool first step! Don't you think so?

Biking to the infinite! I attach a very cool pic I took last Monday in my hometown, Saragossa, where the Expo 2008 (water and sustainable development) took place. The sculpture which appears in is named "Ebro's soul", and it's actually quite self-descriptive I believe: a man holding some kind of "soul" (or whatever you imagine). Ebro btw is the river which passes by Saragossa, the one which carries more water in the whole Spain. I'll show you some pics some day just to let you laugh for a while hehe)

So this is the pic I took:

Right now I can say without any doubt that this is part of my soul lalala
I actually took more pics, but this it not the point of today's post!! Furthermore I wanna re-shoot them one day it's not raining. So, as Jean-Marie, other great very beloved friend of mine has just written to me: Don't worry, be happy guys! Vi hörs!*

*This is Swedish. "We listen to eachother" could be the quite literal translation. The correct one... don't know, I'm not a native English speaker hehe.

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