Sunday, 7 April 2013

Origami! (Éric Joisel exposition)

On Friday evening I had the chance to attend a very cool exposition whose topic was... yeah, your guess was correct, origami! Although I still don't know how you made this guessing... Never mind haha. Having a friend very keen on origami (greets Guillermo!), and being my hometown Saragossa seat of the first origami association created in the whole Europe, there is an origami exposition there (until June 2nd) And so, I went there with the already mentioned Guillermo, and mister Alex Beltrán.

And oh yes, it was totally worth it, very very cool. That cool that I am sharing it with you. The exposition consisted of a first floor with three quite impressive rooms focused on sea, earth and air  (highlight the paper tunnel with stalactites, various holes and toilette paper) (not because of the toilette paper, he) There was a vid on how they made the rooms (specifically for this exposition) and trust me, it was amazing the amount of time... and space that required it. Then, there was a second floor, with a compilation of different pieces made out by Éric Joisel, a guy who was incredibly good at this (just have a look below) and who has an incredibly sad story I'm not really keen on talking about, sorry people.

Hope you enjoy it!

I have no pics of the paper tunnel. But this is the air room. All of these are filled with air, and as the room has also a ventilator so all of this is kind of moving smoothly.
"The magic of the paper" - Éric Joisel exposition

This are 46 cranes folded in 46 different styles in (of course) just one paper sheet

Imp orchestra. There were a lot of imps, and as you can see, they were extremely well done


Don Quixote

Legolas 1 (LoR)

Legolas 2 (LoR)

The Captain. According to what it was written (because I have no idea of this), this one was the hardest to make.
(*Apart from the first one, photos shot by Alex Beltrán. Thanks! (although quality could be slightly improved next time lalala...))

Gruzapa website (Saragossa's origami association) (Spanish, English, French, bottom left corner of the menu)

Le Crimp (Centre de Recherche International de Modélisation par le Pli) (French)


  1. Deiv!!! The pictures look great :). I think I'll see the exhibition one of these days. In any case, where is it exactly? I'm very clumsy when it refers to origami :/ but anyway I would like to see it :D

  2. Yeah sure! It's relatively close to your place in fact ;-) (until the beginning of June, if I'm right)

    Centro de Historia
    Calle de San Agustín, 2
    50002 Zaragoza,-0.870198&client=google-maps-sharing&signature=mZDR1PJH3FLq6Lb_tsOz6USfTv0=

  3. (you should definitely go! Furthermore it doesn't take so much time. Like an hour or so, depending on how fast you go ;-) )