Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I've always said that one of the wonders of writing short stories is that you can cause a bigger impression in the reader, the unexpected is easier to create. At least to innovate. I'm not quite a big fan of shorts, but I guess that it happens the same than with short stories.

Today I've seen some of them, and I liked them all, particularly "The butterfly circus". So, if you have time, I guess it is worth it to watch these short movies: (the links go to Filmaffinity)

- The butterfly circus: 20', English (with Eng "youtube" sub). The best I'm linking. Talks about overcoming and being positive. Very cool.
- L'Accordeur (The piano tuner): 11', French (with Eng sub). I really like the effect that achieves. And I'm not gonna say anything else, you'll have to check it on your own (wink, wink)
- True. Paris, je t'aime (faubourg saint denis): 7', English and French, no sub (the French is easy to understand... I've understood it at least! And although I have some idea, I really suck at French, so if you have some knowledge, it's not hard!! Otherwise look for the subs, I've not done it hehe) It's about love, but in a different way.




And well, I finally will say that some of you might like "Schneckentraum (El sueño del caracol) (Snail's dream)" (German, Spa sub... but look for it) I found it VERY typical and not surprising, but it's sweet. Particularly the Amaral music part it's just awesome...

Be happy!

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