Monday, 8 April 2013

The Shrike. And the shrike.

Have you read Hyperion? No? Then you should! One of the best science fiction stories I've read, if not the best (though that's a hard thing to say) Yes, you read it? Then you know the Shrike, our dear friend the Shrike:

One definitely feels respect for him. The Shrike.

Yesterday afternoon I was playing to a trivial game for Android, and I was asked what a meridional shrike was: a reptile, a bird, a fish or a mammal. What would have you said? Provided the first image, what would have you said? Just guessing, I thought "ok David, this is gonna be most likely a reptile"

No! No, it wasn't!

What is it then? What have you guessed guys?

What a shrike actually is... this:

"Uuuuuuh (?)"


... and this is how a myth falls down...


  1. Until you realize that The Shrike was named after the bird shrike because the tiny adorable bird shrike likes to impales its prey on tree thorns or barbed wires. Its scientific name is Lanius excubitor is Latin, for; Butcher Sentinel. That bird may look cute but its terribly morbid.

  2. Oh wow, I didn't know that. Impressive. Now I get the reason haha. Guess, I should have read more when I published this... and that's what I've done just right now! Thanks for reading, and for the info! ^^ (otherwise I guess I'd have never known)